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Do you need decorative plaster installed in your dining room, study, hall or other rooms to add a touch of class and art to your empty ceiling? Are you an independent plasterer who needs quality plastering supplies? Or do you need that special something for your home décor that keeps your interior decorations under budget but still adds a wow factor? No matter where you live in Melbourne DFN Plaster Products provides Melbourne and Geelong with top quality plaster supplies. We specialize in offering quality works in plaster and are the ultimate cornice suppliers in Melbourne and Geelong. When you are out to buy a new house or renovate your existing one which has a double-story entrance with an indoor balcony or perhaps a huge drawing room because you are a socialite then what better way than using decorative plastering supplies for wall tops and ceiling décor. People normally focus on what meets the eye straight away, but usually fail to give attention to detail that contributes to a beautiful environment. If you think of it, a well-furnished room with a dull ceiling would surely not impress, the room would give a feeling of emptiness or something that is missing. When you leave a guest in an empty room or the guest is waiting for you while you are on your way, most people have a habit of staring at the ceiling. Wouldn’t it be better if you had some decorations on your ceiling that your guest could indulge in while they are waiting?  

Plastering Supplies

DFN Plaster Products is a reputed company as well as being one of the most trusted plaster suppliers in Melbourne which brings you plastering supplies and a variety of products that could give you numerous ideas about your home decor. The best part is that there are no restrictions when using plaster supplies whether you live in Geelong or Melbourne. With DFN Plaster products, you are not just opening up to a remarkable service and trustworthy relationship, but an array of plaster products. Below is a list of what we offer:  


  • Plasterboards
  • Villaboard and WRboard
  • Compounds
  • Decorative Cornices
    • Ceiling Roses
    • Ceiling Panels
    • Domes, etc.
  • Corbels
  • Suspended Ceiling Systems
  • Insulation
  • Accessories
    • Screws
    • Nails
    • Tapes
    • Metal Battens & Furring Channels
    • Metal Angles and Beads
    • Metal Stud and Track
    • Metal Cap Ends
    • Silicone and Sealants
    • PVC Selection
    • Sanding Equipment
    • Access Panels
    • Stilts
    • Plastering Power Tools
    • Plastering hand Tools
      • Knife Blades
      • Measuring Tape
      • Mitre Box
      • T-Square, etc.


      DFN Plastering Products is your personal decor companion and cornice suppliers in Geelong and Melbourne that provides quality plastering supplies and experienced plasterers that promise a quality and fast service under a budget.

Plasterer Melbourne

Plaster has been around for several years and even though the history dates back to Egyptian times with plaster used as layers between pyramid walls, now the definition of plaster has evolved into something much more interesting than just sticking two construction materials together. Do you think a material with properties like instant hardening on mixing with water will just be suitable for coating ceilings and walls? No, you can do a lot more! So what options do you have? To answer this question, DFN Plaster Products is here in Melbourne and is offering a range of plastering supplies and plaster cornices in Geelong and Melbourne. We have been plastering Melbourne homes and commercial buildings for years now and our plasterers in Melbourne are equipped with the right amount of experience, workmanship and tools to deliver Melbournites with quality and long-lasting decorative solutions. We do not think of a job as too big or small and every plaster job is executed with extreme care and professionalism.

Plaster Cornices Geelong

Once you appoint us, our experienced plasterers in Melbourne and Geelong visit your home, inspect the rooms, ask your choice for plaster cornices, and also suggest the best fit for the room. Once you come to an agreement with the cornice styles, then you can leave all the crafting and heavy work for us, sit back, and relax. Do you think you are being held back by your current plasterer, then do not worry because DFN Plaster Products gives you the full opportunity to make your choice from a range of cornice plaster or helps you custom design your own.

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