Plaster Corbels In Melbourne

Buy decorative plaster corbels in Melbourne with DFN Plaster Products

DFN Plaster Products is a family owned business installing all things plaster related in homes and buildings in Melbourne and surrounds. An aspect of our offering that we take particular pride in is the sale and seamless installation of plaster Corbels and Caps.

A refined touch that has brought a class to houses buildings both historic and modern, plaster corbels are an excellent way to complete the interior silhouette of a room. Our range features products that are themselves nods to various periods and styles of architecture.

There is undoubtedly a product within our range here that is the perfect ornamental finishing touch for your home. Look here to find inspiration and get in contact with us to find out more.


Ornamental and decorative plaster corbels

You’ll know that truly beautiful spaces are more than just the sum of their parts. Our decorative plaster corbels are a beautiful addition to your living spaces and they are one of the details that help anchor further additions to the interior design of your home.

Corbels are one part of the picture and some other parts to think about are cornicesceiling roses, or other plaster products that you can bring together to make a home that is truly yours. A series of well-placed touches are just the thing to make a space one that is beautiful and that is a joy to live in.

A wide range of choices

We take pride in providing beautiful plaster products to those building their dream homes in and around Melbourne. With DFN Plaster Products, know that you can find the beautiful decorative touches that you want with the added assurance of a seamless and superior quality in their installation.

Each one of our products are manufactured with care and a commitment to the details that make them a lastingly beautiful addition to a wide range of living spaces. The classic look of decorative plaster corbels is just the thing to complete your home and give you the finishing touches you have always wanted.

Contact us to find out more

Get in touch with the friendly team at DFN Plaster Products to find out more about what we have to offer when it comes to decorative plaster corbels. We help customers across Melbourne to find exactly what they need to achieve great results.
We can also help with suspended ceiling grid systems, ceiling roses, cornices and more.