Decorative Plaster Installation

Decorative Plaster Installation

Decorative plaster pieces span from subtle to eye-catching, so installing them correctly requires a unique set of skills. Correct installation not only ensures these pieces look stunning, but also guarantees their longevity.

Our team can transform any room with stunning decorative plaster pieces professionally installed to perfection.

Our skilled team will:

  • Strategically place each piece for maximum visual impact
  • Use specialized techniques for secure, long-lasting attachment
  • Perfectly align edges and transitions for a seamless look

With proper installation, your decorative plaster will not only look breathtaking but will also stand the test of time. The intricate details and ornate designs will continue wowing guests for years to come.

Ceiling Roses - Drawing the eye upwards, a Ceiling Rose immediately gives a sense of sophistication and luxury. The detailed ornamentation and graceful curves add a touch of elegance that works with any interior design theme.  If you would like to complete the look by having your lighting fixture installed in the center, please let us know and we will organize our professional electrician to be onsite with us to complete the installation on the same day.

Perfect for dining rooms, bedrooms, entryways, or any space needing a touch of vintage, romantic, or modern charm. Give your home an instant style upgrade with this beautiful focal point that wows guests and improves your decor. 

We offer a wide selection of ceiling roses, but if you already have a unique ceiling rose and just need help installing it properly with or without a light fixture, contact us today about our installation-only service

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