Suspended Ceilings and Grid Systems

Suspended Ceilings and Grid Systems

What is a suspended ceiling?

A suspended ceiling system is installed as a false ceiling below the main structural ceiling in a building and works to lower ceiling height and hide electrical, insulation and plumbing services.

Suspended ceilings are made up of a suspended metal grid framework, which is connected to the main ceiling. The lightweight grid is then covered with ceiling panels


There are a number of benefits that come with installing suspended ceilings

Improved soundproofing

One of the best reasons to use a suspended ceiling is the soundproofing qualities. Acoustic panels are designed to absorb the sound within a room, and the space between the panel and the ceiling deck also helps minimise the noise.

Easy access to structural components

Suspended ceilings allow for easy access to pipes and wires which, if they need to be replaced, can be done quickly and efficiently. The panels can be lifted to one side when repairs are being conducted, and then simply dropped back down when complete. Simple!

Energy efficiency

Suspended ceilings aren’t just great at minimising sound – they’re also great at keeping your room at a consistent temperature. They reduce the gap between the floor and ceiling deck, reducing the space in which air can travel, meaning your temperature control system doesn’t have to work as hard.


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