Ornamental Cornice Installations

DFN Plaster Products – Made and installed in Melbourne

At DFN Plaster Products, we take pride in manufacturing and installing the details that add character and panache to your living space. We have developed a full range of plaster products designed to suit a wide variety of environments. Capable of entirely transforming the design, décor and overall feel of a space, we know that it is details like the ones that we provide that bring the finishing touches and completeness that you are looking for.

Beautiful ornamental cornices – Installed by us

Ornamental cornices are an expressive and beautiful way of bringing a personalized touch to your home. Our range of decorative plaster products are designed to make it easy for you to achieve the unique but classically inclined look that you envision. 

We offer a comprehensive service that includes not only the sale of our wide range of ornamental plaster products, but also the installation that will see to it that the quality of our products is brought directly to you in your home with a carefully executed installation.

Those looking to bring the look and feel of our ornamental plaster cornices and decorative plaster corbels can rest assured that we can look after the entire process. Our experienced and highly professional staff form a team that you will be glad to have looking after the finer details of your living space. 

The ornamental touches to bring your spaces to life

DFN Plaster Products are a family run business based in Melbourne. We are proud of what we make possible for families looking to bring a further touch of elegance to their homes, and we are confident that we have exactly the products for you.

By providing not only the products, but the installation, we get the opportunity to ensure that our ornamental cornice installations are carried out with the care that we take all the way through from manufacturing. Get in contact with us to find out more about what we can make possible for you.


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