Ceiling Roses

Plaster Ceiling Roses

Enhance the beauty of your space with a plaster ceiling rose. These architectural features add a touch of charm and elegance to any room. Stylish and able to turn simple cornice work into something expressive and beautiful, ornamental rose styles such as Victorian, Federation and Art Deco add extra flourish and appearance to all types of ceilings. 

Whether you have a period property or a modern home, there are various designs and sizes to choose from, allowing you to find one that suits your style. Upgrade your ceilings with the timeless appeal of a plaster ceiling rose and bring a sense of sophistication to your living spaces.


Add visual appeal to plain spaces with art deco ceiling roses

If you are a builder or a homeowner, why don’t you consider plaster cornices or plaster ceiling domes? We supply quality products in Melbourne that include decorative plaster ceiling roses that are designed in various dimensions and styles to give the texture of real rose petals as well as the detail to finish off the plaster work. No matter how big or small your room is, our plasterers can assist you in picking out the best design that will suit your room. Cornice plaster mouldings come in a number of cornice styles that will match your taste and style. The various cornice styles include:

  • Plain Cornice
  • Ornamental Cornice
  • Contemporary Cornice
  • Contemporary Cove
  • Contemporary Stepped
  • Art Nouveau Cornice
  • Art Deco Cornice
  • Late Art Deco Cornice
  • Classic Cornice
  • Victorian Cornice
  • Italianate Cornice
  • Edwardian Cornice
  • Federation Cornice
  • Post War – Modern Cornice
  • And so much more!

Architectural Cornices & Mouldings

Apart from the Victorian-style plaster ceiling roses, some people also opt for ceiling domes that create and give the ceiling, a modern yet simple look. You would not want the ceiling decoration to hide behind the chandelier or the chandelier to overpower the plaster dome behind. The lack of ornamentation in domes fit well with the modern and current designs whereas contemporary homes make use of ornate models.

Cornice Styles

Cornices are often seen as a decorative element in Melbourne homes and that is because they add a finishing touch of elegance and character to the interiors. A well decorated place hints people about your personal preferences, your lifestyle and how much importance you give to house décor. Speak to our friendly team today about which cornice would best suit your space. We offer a wide range of styles.

Speak to us about ornamental plaster ceiling roses in Melbourne

DFN Plaster Products is your best option in Melbourne for the installation of plaster ceiling roses, decorative plaster cornices and mouldings, plaster ceiling panels plus more. We promise to leave you totally impressed by what we can achieve and know that you will love working with our friendly team. Get in touch with our Melbourne plasterers by calling 03 9312 0145 or send us an email at enquiries@dfnplasterproducts.com.au.

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