Cornice Matching

Cornice Matching

In most cases, we can match an existing cornice profile you already have. If you simply need to replace some damaged cornice without changing your home's look, bring us a sample and we will try to find a match in our current range. If an exact match is unavailable, we may be able to suggest a similar alternative that can be altered during installation to blend seamlessly with your existing cornice for a continuous look.  

We offer full installation services with no minimum length requirements so whether you are replacing all the cornice in your home or just replacing a few lengths reach out to us to organise a seamless installation. 

We have a showroom you can visit, and our staff are always onsite to guide you through the process. You can take home cornice samples to see how it will look in your space. You can view our cornice range here

Choosing your Cornice

Choosing the right cornice can be challenging. A common mistake is to underestimate the actual size of cornice. Measurements are always given in terms of ‘the drop’; how far the cornice extends down the wall and ’the projection’; how far the cornice extends across the ceiling once it is fitted. This is often confused with taking a diagonal measurement across the face of a piece of cornice



The choice of style is ultimately up to you since taste is highly subjective. Whether your preference is modern, contemporary, and minimalist or more ornate and decorative with a classical style, you can give your room the character you wish to achieve. Referring to our cornices would be a good starting point.  (link to cornice here)

Ceiling Height

The size of cornices should correspond to the height of the room's ceiling. In rooms with high ceilings, larger cornices can be used without appearing out of proportion. However, large cornices in rooms with low ceilings can create a disproportionate look that may make the room seem smaller. As a general rule, the higher the ceiling, the larger the cornice that can be used proportionately.


Large Cornice >200mm - Tend to be used when the ceilings are 3m or higher

Medium cornices >130mm and <200mm - Are recommended when ceilings are above 2.7m and less than 3m

Small Cornice <130mm - Are perfect for ceilings lower than 2.7m                 

Smaller cornices are also great for rooms with tall appliances, for example kitchen or bathrooms 

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