Insurance Repairs

Insurance Repairs

When disaster strikes we recognise the importance of getting life back on track quickly. Whether your home has been damaged by a significant weather event or minor trauma, we understand the impact on your life, your home/business, and your family.

Depending on your Insurance, your policy may give you options when it comes to repairing plaster damage. You can go with your insurer's preferred repairer or choose your own - it's up to you.

  • Preferred repairer: Going with a preferred repairer means using someone from your insurance company's network. The advantage is speed and lower cost to the insurance company. The downside? Their repairers may lack specialized expertise or rush the job, leaving problems that surface later.
  • Choice of repairer: If your policy allows, you can choose your own plasterer, meaning you can opt for a plasterer committed to providing high quality repair work, this option gives you more control over who fixes your home or business

At DFN Plaster Products, we're happy to coordinate with your insurer to carry out required repairs. Our plasterers take pride in craftsmanship and aim for repairs that stand the test of time.

Unsure if your policy includes a choice of repairer? Check your Product Disclosure Statement or call your insurance company to confirm your options. We're here to help whether you go with their repairer or ours. What matters most is that the job gets done right.

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