Plaster Repairs

Ceiling and Wall Cracks

Plaster cracks are one of the most common types of damage to a home or building. They can be caused by a variety of factors, including foundation settling, seasonal temperature changes, and water damage.

DFN Plaster Products can expertly repair any plaster cracks, leaving your walls looking smooth and flawless again. We use high-quality plaster materials and specialized tools to ensure a seamless, long-lasting repair.

We provide a fast turnaround time - we can complete most small repairs in just a few hours.

Brick Stitching – Double Bricked Homes

While major structural repairs should be left to a qualified builder DFN can provide brick-stitching for double brick homes. If the internal walls of your home are cracking, reach out to us today to discuss repairing the brickwork. Doing so will prevent having to continually deal with new cracks appearing.

Accidental Damage

Whether it's damage from kids playing ball indoors or a mishap moving furniture around our team at DFN Plaster Products can repair holes and dints quickly and seamlessly.

Our experienced technicians can repair holes of any size.  We use high-quality plaster materials.  No mess or disruption - we contain the work area and clean up before we leave

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  • Professional patching services
  • Seamless fixes for holes, cracks and water damage
  • Smooth, attractive finishes
  • Impeccable know how from our skilled tradespeople


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